Marvel Trivia

Marvel Trivia

If you are a Marvel fan then you should play this Marvel trivia with your friends and family and enjoy your time together.

40 Marvel Trivia Questions

1.What is Captain America's shield made of?


2. What is the name of thor's hammer?


3. Who is Peter Parker?


4. Who is Peter parker's best friend?


5. Which country is scarlet which from?


6. What is the real name of the Black Panther?


7. What is the alien race Loki sends to invade Earth in The Avengers?


8. Who's brother is Loki?


9. Who can lift Thor’s hammer?


10. Which character can run super fast?


11. Name the brother sister duo of marvel?


12. What Is the Name of Thor’s Axe?


13. What is Tony Stark’s dad’s name?


14. Who is Captain America's friend?


15. What species did Loki discover he is?


16. Who does the Mad Titan sacrifice to acquire the Soul Stone?


17. Who is killed by Loki in the Avengers?


18. Name thor's girl interest?


19. What type of doctor is Stephen Strange?


20. Who provides the voice of Baby Groot?


21. Who has directed the most MCU movies?


22. Which film did The Aether first appear in?


23. Who killed Tony Stark’s parents?


24. How many Infinity Stones are there?


25. Who scrificed herself to get back the half of the vanished world?


26. What is the real name of the Scarlet Witch?


27. What metal are Wolverine claws coated with?


28. Who was the villain of ‘Thor: The Dark World’?


29. What is the Hulk’s name when he’s in human form?


30. What line did Iron man's daughter say to him that became viral?


31. Which hero made the first appearance in the comics?


32. In which film’s post-credit scene did Thanos first appear?


33. What planet is Thanos from?


34. Is Captain America is from Brooklyn?


35. What color was the Hulk in his first issue?


36. Who is Black Panther’s sister?


37. What were the three items Rocket claims he needs in order to escape the prison?


38. What is the name of the little boy Tony befriends while stranded in the Iron Man 3?


39. Wanda and her brother Pietro are from where?


40. What is Tony Stark’s daughter’s name?

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