Friendship Goals

Friendship Goals

Having friends is important but having best friends is a blessing because you don't make bestie, you just become one. Here are the best friendship goal dares you can do with that crazy one!

Do you have a bestie? Do you want to make your time fun and memorable together? But, don't know how to and just can't come up with any ideas. Hold up! We have got you one of the best things or dares you can do together to spice up your friendship. 

Having friends is important but having best friends is a blessing because you don't make bestie, you just become one. Here are the friendship goals you can do with that crazy one!

1. Friendship Goal: Recreate

Popular Photos

True best friends rarely have pictures together on the same frame as they are always busy either enjoying the time together or just clicking each other's photos. But it's time to get up and get both of you in one frame. There's a lot of friendship goal pictures that can be recreated with your besties. It is not only fun but also challenging as well. Finding each other's aesthetics is the key. Grab your cameras and start taking aesthetic friendship goal pictures.

Funny Recreation 

Recreating each other's pictures is the most hilarious thing you can do together. Only you have your best friend's worst photos, now think you are taking the same kind of pictures for this challenge. I guess both of you are equal now. It is one of the most memorable activities to do. 

Retro Shoot

Now as we are done with aesthetics and the funny part of recreating photos, it's time to refresh the old memories. If you and your bestie are childhood buddies it's more fun. Take out those retro pictures and recreate them. This not only recalls memories but is also a moment to appreciate each other for being together all these times. If you both are not childhood friends then you can simply recreate each other's baby photos.


2. Friendship Goal: Salon Time


Spa Date

Spa days are the best for relaxing and have a little glow up. Go and have some facial, manicure/ pedicure, and massage. If not at the salon then bring the salon home. Covid-19 should never be the reason to stop you from pampering yourself and have that best moment. Treat each other with natural homemade facial recipes, do some DIY manicures and give a nice massage one by one. Sounds tiring? Well, just try it, it's not like what it sounds.


Hair Glow-up

Hair colors can be a little extreme but not when you are with your bestie. Try some new or icy hair colors and flaunt them together. To make it more fun you can also try coloring each other's hair and it takes a lot. Research on the type of color that might suit you or watch tutorials for applying hair color on yourself, etc. But if you are in a mood to have a major on your appearance then all the work is worth it.

Trendy Haircuts

The haircut is another option to go for, if hair color is a total no, no, for you. For this, you have no option but to go to the salon. Try some trendy haircuts which go with your personality.  


3. Friendship Goal: Exploration Time


Food Hunt

How about a lunch/dinner date? A cafe date doesn't sound that bad as well! No matter how gym rat or diet conscious you are but every bite with your best friends feels right. Having heavy or junk food every day is not a good option but exploring new food items and trying out new dishes is not that bad as well. Just take out a day go for food exploration, no hate delicious, yummy bites, right?


Picnic Date

Quality time doesn't mean romantic couples, right? Even best friends need that space with each other. A picnic is an ultimate way to enjoy as well as relax. Call over your buddy or go to their place, make a yummy lunch box and go for a picnic date. Click amazing aesthetic pictures, play games, and spend that special time with your bestie in the best way possible. 


Make it True

Have you ever made a fantasy plan with your friends about going some places one day but the day never came. Well, it's time to change that fantasy plan into a real one. Go out and have some fun together. Choose a place that is nearby if you are on a budget, otherwise, who can stop you to travel the world. 


4. Friendship Goal: Nightovers


Nightovers are the best way to have fun all night long and every one of us has done it as well, at least once in a lifetime. If not then this is the moment. There are a lot of weird, crazy things you could do together.

Like calling a random phone number and acting innocent to prank them. Having a nice movie night is another good idea, just choose a movie and enjoy! If you want to do some experiments and become a scientist for a night then just go to the kitchen and start making popular dishes which you haven't even tried once, just make sure not to set the whole house on fire.

It doesn't matter what you do and how you spend time with your best friends. What matters is how special you are for each other and that is enough to make every time together different and enjoyable. So, how do you spend time with your friends? Which one of these mentioned above are you planning to do? Share your story with us as well and have a happy bestie time together!

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