Best Holiday Trivia Questions with Answers

Best Holiday Trivia Questions with Answers

Holidays are what you wait for throughout the year but what about how much you know about that holiday? Here are some holiday trivia questions for you to answer as well as you can ask them your friends and family for fun!

Holiday Trivia Questions:

Holiday's are the best part of a year, aren't they? Celebrating them with family and friends or being apart from each other but making sure of staying connected, it's all about a beautiful holiday and your love towards each other. Here is a set of Holiday Trivia Questions, that'll help you know more about holidays and also ask someone or claiming your knowledge. 

1. The holiday with the eggs?
Answer: Easter

2. Which holiday is celebrated after seeing and appearance of the moon?
Answer: Eid

3. In which year did Santa Claus appear for the first time in the silent movie Santa Claus?
Answer: 1898

4. Which day is observed when the patron Saint of Ireland died and that day has evolved as a celebration now?
Answer: St. Patrick's Day

5. Who started the celebration of Halloween?
Answer: Celts

6. What's the real name of Santa Claus?
Answer: Saint Nicholas

7. When is United States' Independence Day celebrated?
Answer: 4th July

8. Christmas is celebrated as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus?
Answer: Nazareth

9. Ascension Day always falls on which day of the week?
Answer: Thursday

10. Was "Jingle Bells" specially written for Christmas Day?
Answer: No, it was written for Thanksgiving.

11. Who wrote the most popular carol 'The Silent Night'?
Answer: Franz Xavor Gruber

12. What's the one thing that is bought the most by the people on Halloween?
Answer: Candies'

13. What are the other names for Islamic New Year?
Answer: Hijri or Arabic New Year

14. What is Santa's traditional eve snack?
Answer: Cookies and Milk

15. What are the names of the elves of Santa?
Answer: Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph


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