Amazing Random Trivia Questions

Amazing Random Trivia Questions

A list of amazing and interesting trivia questions with answers is here for you! Hop on and test your overall knowledge.

General Trivia Questions:

Here are some random and interesting random trivia questions that'll make you know about some more things or prove your knowledge. There are some questions that are kids friendly too in here! 

1. Who found America?
Answer: Christopher Columbus

2. What's the full form of 'HTTP'?
Answer: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

3. What's the number 1 sports brand in the world?
Answer: Nike

4. Tell the 5 vowels.
Answer: a, e, i, o, u

5. A bird that can fly backward?
Answer: Hummingbird 

6. Who was the first C.E.O. of google?
Answer: Eric Schmidt

7. Who invented the number 'Zero/0'?
Answer: Aryabhata

9. One feature in Instagram which is also a thrown tool?
Answer: Boomerang

10. Who was given the title of "Flying Sikh"?
Answer: Milkha Singh

Kid-friendly Trivia Questions:

Here are some kids friendly Random Trivia Questions that you can ask your kids and have fun!

1. What's the color of an Emerald?
Answer: Green

2. How many letters are there in alphabets?
Answer: 26

3. How many colors are there in total in a rainbow?
Answer: Seven

4. Name a fruit that is named on a color?
Answer: Orange

5. In the poem Twinkle Twinkle Litte Stars, what was he wondering?
Answer: That 'what they are?"

6. Who's the famous author who has written a series of children books, one of them is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Answer: Roald Dahl

7. When is Christmas Celebrated?
Answer: 25th December

8. Who was Santa's fastest reindeer?
Answer: Dasher

9. One should wear dark or light colors in summers?
Answer: Light Colors

10. How many dwarfs did Snow White have?
Answer: 11

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